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NuGet basic verification steps

Here are some basic steps that can be used to verify that the basic NuGet functionality is not broken. When familiar with the steps, it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to go through them.
  1. Set up a gallery instance, with all the needed pieces
    1. In Taxonomy, remove the two pre-existing names and add 'Packages' instead
    2. Create a non-admin user
  2. Submit a NuGet package. e.g. use Elmah, which you can get from the NuGet feed (
    1. Make sure that the package shows up on the feed, under the Packages tab, and under 'Manage My Submissions'
  3. In VS, install NuGet from Extension Manager
    1. Configure a new package source called GalleryServer that points to the gallery's OData feed (e.g.
    2. Create an MVC 2 (or 3) solution
    3. Right click on References, choose 'Add Library Package Reference'
    4. Go to the Online tab, and choose the GalleryServer feed
    5. You should see your Elmah package in the list. Install it
    6. Make sure it shows up in the Installed packages section
  4. Back in the Orchard site, go to 'Manage My Submissions'
    1. Delete the package
    2. Make sure it;s gone from the feed, the Packages tab, and the 'Manage My Submissions' list

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