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About the Orchard Gallery Project

The Gallery Project is aimed at delivering a gallery implementation, based on the Orchard CMS framework, for running gallery and marketplace websites in general, and in particular, for sharing libraries and extensions to applications.

The Orchard Gallery is free, open source, and released under the same New BSD license as the main Orchard Project. NimblePros, LLC provides professional services to manage the project and develop the V1 initial implementation. The Orchard Gallery team also consists of members from the Orchard and NuGet projects. In the short term, we are focused on providing the gallery implementation for the Orchard and NuGet projects, but will be expanding the role of the gallery implementation over time.

The production verisons of the Orchard and NuGet galleries are located here:

What we are building

We’re currently focused on building a gallery implementation that the Orchard Project can use for sharing modules and themes between users, and for the NuGet Project to share libraries and packages that can be installed on a developer machine.
The gallery implementation consists of a back-end system to store package information, a feed to expose its content to clients, and a front-end website (built using Orchard CMS) for searching, browsing, rating, and submitting items.

Learn more about the gallery…

Getting involved

If you have a need for a gallery website of your own, or an interest in shaping the gallery plans for Orchard and NuGet, you can get involved by joining our mailing list and participating in discussions on this site. We are also gathering requirements for future phases of the project and we welcome your input. We accept code contributions as patches, under the same general guidelines as the main Orchard project.

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